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The history of the competitions
The history of the competitions organized by Anna Dvoretskaya and her team officially started in 2016. These two years were so successful that they managed to set high standards of organization for Kaliningrad’s sporting events of this kind.
Feedback. Syemchenkova Tatyana (Estonia)
Competitions, that are conducted by Anna Dvoretskaya for the second year, differ with massiveness of participants and high-level organization. Huge attention is paid to all the participants! Meals and trips are organized. Every athlete, coach and judge got a memorable gift. 
Feedback. Lukina Svetlana Mikhailovna (Saint-Petersburg)
"Since 2016  large-scale competition  are  held in the eastern region of Russia, Kaliningrad. Geography of the participants from Russia is so huge, that in 2018  the  competitions became  A ll-Russian officially. The majority of the participants liked the high-level organization - professional floor, electronic judging, big videoscreen, swift mark
Applicational campaign has started !
Dear aerobic gymnastics’ lovers! With a big pleasure we invite you to the hospitable city of Kaliningrad for participating in our competitions- All-Russian competition “Baltiyskiy Bereg”, open tournament for kids 9-11 y.o “Baltiyskiy Bereg” and Open competitions in aerobic gymnastics “ Kaliningrad Open Cup 2018”, where a lot of foreign athletes